Tell Your Social Security Attorney Everything That Is Wrong With You

Social Security attorneys in Wichita frequently encounter Social Security claimants who neglect to mention all of their medical conditions. This is a big mistake because the Social Security Administration does not consider each impairment in isolation. They will look at how your different impairments interact and combine to keep you form working.

Even a condition that limits your ability to work only slightly could be enough to put you over the top in a borderline case. For example, many claimants whose physical impairments cause chronic pain are also being treated for depression or anxiety. Even if their physical problems would not necessarily prevent them from working at a desk job, if their mental problems make it difficult for them to concentrate or remember instructions, they may qualify for benefits.

Be sure to tell your Social Security attorney about any condition, even if they don’t seem to affect you much. The things that the SSA considers important are not necessarily the same things you consider important. If you err on the side of mentioning every physical or mental condition that has even a minimal effect on your ability to work, the SSA can sort out what is and is not relevant. But they cannot possibly know what is wrong with you if you don’t tell them.

One of the many ways a Social Security attorney can improve your chances of winning your claim on appeal is by helping you focus your testimony on the things that really matter, such as specific details about how you have had to change your daily activities to cope with your various impairments.

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